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Introducing the Interactive Clinic Wall

Our first ever clinic wall makes sharing and learning from coaches easier than ever. Our Clinic Wall gives every coach the chance to contribute to the clinic. During breaks Coaches can look through the Clinic Wall and scan the QR code of anything they want to learn more about. This QR Code will bring them to a webpage where the Coach can provide a full explanation and film.

One Page Teaser

The One Page Teaser is designed to share the general idea of the concept. With just one page of information there's not enough space to go into detail in what makes it great. 

An ideal One Page Teaser grabs the attention of Coaches with a diagram, some general information, and some stats or details.

Football Website.jpg

The Digital Clinic Page

When any interested Coach scans the QR code they will be brought to the Digital Clinic Page that corresponds with that concept or drill. 

The Digital Clinic Page is where the Coach can go into detail on what makes the play work. Because this is hosted virtually it can include film, pictures,  audio, bullet points, or any other teaching tool you want.

Get In The Conversation

The process of getting onto the Clinic Wall is as easy as filling out the form at the link below. We will handle the technical stuff, we want you to focus on the part you love, football.

After you submit the form a template will be sent for you to create your One Page Teaser along with an email address to send it to.

Then you're done, you don't have to be at the Clinic to be featured on the Clinic Wall. It's your chance to share your information with coaches across the country via our Digital Clinic Wall

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