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One Hour a Week to Connect and Get Better

Our goal is to create a place where coaches can connect and share ideas. Staying with our theme of focused content, all clinics will be targeted to have the speaker talking for thirty minutes. The rest of the time will be allotted for questions and sharing of ideas.


In order to keep the integrity of the clinics and ensure there isn’t any Zoom Bombing, the clinics will only be open to members. Membership is free, it’s really just a way to protect the speakers. In addition, members will have access to all of the previous clinic talks.

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Clint Humphrey
Excel HS (AL)
The Excel Single Wing Attack


Some Great Content Coming Your Way!

This week we have two well respected coaches talking through some really good stuff

Coach Clevenger from Franklin Central will be talking about the Buck Sweep and how they run it from a variety of different formations.

Coach Humphrey will join us from Alabama and is one of the top Single Wing Coaches around. He will be talking about the Excel High School Single Wing Attack

FC Run.png

Mike Clevenger
Franklin Central
Buck Sweep:
Different Formations and Variations

Western Mesh.png

Alex Stewart
Western HS
Shotgun Single Wing Play Action


Two Different Ways to Throw the Ball

This week we have two well respected coaches talking through some really good stuff

Coach Simpson will be talking about Series Based Play Calling. Coach Simpson is well known Nation Wide for his Gun T System

Coach Monroe will be talking about the Ashville Single Wing and how it has helped their program

DC QB.png

Conner Smith
Decatur Central
Y Sail and Varriations

Ole Miss.jfif

Kyle Buresh Mississinewa

Here Comes A Great One!

I'm really excited about the clinic this week.

This Thursday we will have Kyle Buresh from Mississinewa talking about Smash Varriations.

We will also be joined by Joshua Bailey from Huntsville High in Alabama. Coach Bailey will be talking about the Pin and Pull they use.


Joshua Bailey Huntsville High (AL)

South Put Sectional.png

Chuck Sorrell
South Putnam

Another Great Session

We will have a great clinic to close out March.

This Thursday we will have Coach Chuck Sorrell from South Putnam talking about getting in multiple fronts in the 3-3.

We will also be joined from Coach Cam from Arizona who will take us through a week of practice for the 13 time state champion Saguaro Sabercats.


Jim Camarillo
Saguaro (AZ)

Andrean QB.jpg

Coach Mo
Calumet College

We're Back!

This Thursday 3.24 we will be joined by two impressive coaches!

Coach Mo will be talking Four Verticals and Quarterback Play

Coach Jayme Comer from Danville will be talking about how they use the Screen Game to keep the box clean

Danville Breakaway.png

Coach Comer
Danville HS

Merr Celeb.jpg

Josh Sabinas Merrillville

Clinic From 3.1

We kicked off March Madness with Coach Sabinas talking about attacking Offensive Lines and Coach Reiff talking about using analytics at the HS Level

Concord Celebrate.jpg

Dan Reiff

Bburg O Line.jfif

Josh Yoder

Clinic From 2.17.22

Coach Yoder and Coach Burtron kicked off our first clinic with a great session!

Westfield Taking Field.jfif

Zane Burtron


Logan Haston

Clinic From 2.24.22

This week we will feature two great coaches talking about the Quick Passing Game and Offensive Line Play


Jeremy Bilka

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