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This Clinic will be specifically designed to give coaches the tools to improve their tackling

Each Speaker will speak for 25 minutes and focus on one element of either tackling or creating turnovers.

There will also be Breakout Sessions with Coaches sharing ideas and following up on Clinic Talks.

In addition we will have two drill segments where coaches will share two of their top drills.

Finally the clinic will wrap up with our incredibly popular Rapid Fire Segment!


Limited to the first 75 coaches

Speaker List

Kurt Tippman-FW Snider
Josh Miracle-Westfield
Adam Metzler-Noblesville
Gill Speer-Franklin College

Legends Talk with
Chuck Stephens and Bill Sharpe

A Variety of Different Sessions

Quick Traditonal Clinic Talks
25 Minute Talks Filled With Info
No Resumes or Products, All Great Content
Breakout Sessions
Smaller Question and Answer Sessions
Trade Common Problems, Solutions and Ideas 
Top Drill Segment
Build Your Drill Library with These Great Drills
Get the Coaching Points to Develop the Skills 
Rapid Fire Session
30 Quick Actionable Ideas to Improve Your Team
Tap Into Decade of Experience in 30 Minutes
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